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Transfer History

Players bought: 103
Players sold: 185
Total purchases: Rs 1,835,749,778
Total sales: Rs 2,042,421,865
Displaying 1-20 of 287 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-09-2018Jegan RastogiwaterBhangra on the pitch 105,90545,033,300 
23-08-2018Pachaimani TariMym MavericksBhangra on the pitch 12,96412,036,200 
23-08-2018Kabir BathBhangra on the pitchCcb Comets 160,21842,994,300 
23-06-2018Satyajit SaabBhangra on the pitchDeactivated team 9,040660,000 
12-06-2018Rudolph KnibbsBhangra on the pitchCricket Developers 10,6601,910,000 
17-05-2018Peleg SchawNew Zealand11Bhangra on the pitch 121,06376,145,200 
14-05-2018Amardev GrewalBhangra on the pitchChak De 302 104,69074,160,000 
11-05-2018Cyril LavaterDinesh SuperKnightsBhangra on the pitch 113,83490,000,000 
11-05-2018Shafiek ToyanaBhangra on the pitchLeather n Willow 96,48469,722,300 
09-05-2018Sachin SehwagImperil XiBhangra on the pitch 140,433103,000,100 
09-05-2018Hugh WoodsBhangra on the pitchdevils reborn 205,677115,435,400 
09-05-2018Robert RimmingtonBhangra on the pitchFatal Eagles 104,11859,220,300 
07-05-2018Wajid ElahiChchamps CobrasBhangra on the pitch 17,0033,300,000 
07-05-2018Akshaj NathanVaibhav Warriors XIBhangra on the pitch 18,3031,600,000 
16-04-2018Kumar SangakkaraBhangra on the pitchBeast Warriors 34,4694,224,900 
01-04-2018Ankan SinghBhangra on the pitchEgha Eleven 33,9404,485,600 
29-03-2018Shafiek ToyanaGSMABhangra on the pitch 96,48491,296,400 
29-03-2018Dough WatsonBhangra on the pitchSatyam Sharks 3588 5,64151,500 
29-03-2018Hiranya KanikkarBhangra on the pitchDeactivated team 15,519504,700 
27-03-2018Tino HindsBhangra on the pitchResilient Squad 94,01951,674,000 
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