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New Season, Old Challenges"

Within next few hours the season 9 will be kicking off, I am sure that all teams have put much of thought for winning the season.

League VI417 witnessed a very tough season 8, where every team looked to snatch each and each opportunity presented to them. It will be unjust to judge any team by its standing, as the team who stood 6th in table, Warje Knights was just 4 points away from number 2 team  Malempatis. In season 9 Islampur  Eyecatchers was surprise package, and Islampur Lions failed to impress. Takari Tuskers proved a tough opponent, Falconets and Pune Peshwas are much better team than the points table indicate.

Focusing on my team Borgaon Bravehearts it had a fabulous start winning first few matches, it also was at top spot for a considerable period but then lost few matches on trot and lost its top spot. The management was frantic and tried by hitting the market, and trying by changing captains. The management  at one time was lucky to get good bowler like Bazid Akram, but the captainship issue was still haunting, it needed a permanent solution. The management at that critical movement signed another bowler Humayun Elahi and to everybody’s surprise named him as the skipper of team, preceding the lights of veteran all-rounder Hamid Kardar,  Wicket keeper batsman Suresh Damle and their inform batsman Dev Chiplunkar. Humayun Impressed everybody by his bowling skills but the team suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Takari Tuskers. At that time management management backed him strongly and named him skipper for the League Cup against Warje Knights- which was a bi-lateral series. Humayun this time proved his selectors right  by marching his resources excellently, leading from front where he denied the victory to Warje Knights on two occasions in his last over. Baazid Akram may not be in best of his forms but management still considers him as crucial bowler. Borgaon Bravehearts have also signed Sanchit Bishnoi an emerging fast bowler.

Looking at a broader picture, the two teams added in league VI417 are Blue Berrys and Black List XI, both the teams are talented and in fine form which will make life  of other teams difficult. Older teams like Warje Knights, Malempatis, Falconets and Pune Pehwas will be formidable foes and then Tuskers and Eyecatchers will be waiting to cause upset. In short the season 9 for Borgaon Bravehearts will not be very easy.

As pointed out by us we have seen the biggest weakness of Borgaon Bravehearts is its inability to maintain pressure. It many times take quick wickets but then allows the other team to comeback in the match, in the final match against Warje Knights after taking 4 wickets it allowed a partnership which nearly took the game away from us. Another important weakness is we are not consistent. We were on top of the table for a considerable period but then we lost few matches needlessly to surrender that position. Hence I say ‘New Season, Old Challenges”

I take your leave, hoping some improvement in my team and wishing all the teams Best of Luck for season 9.


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Eshaan (Knights of Pune)
So, new season, old challenges and old enemies? ;)
52 months ago
Eshaan (Knights of Pune)
So, new season, old challenges and old enemies? ;)
52 months ago
manish21 (Borgaon Bravehearts)
It is already mentioned in para looking at broader picture
52 months ago