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by Peter Campbell 8 months ago
i feell it is whole unnaceptable for hitwick to stop transfer fees being paid to you i had a player on previous team before restart that got to 15 million was only valued at 1 it had 73 bids from numerous teams but i still dont get money why ( ps where dose the money go that dose not come to seller but comes out off buyers account 
also half the fun off these games is buying cheap players and training or selling for profit
finally on tournaments i think their should ither be  a 4 token teir competition leval at the moment it goes from 2 to 6 gap to big stops people playing 
or what you could do is make the 2 token tournaments open for at least another three levals say up to 11 or keep them open for any leval player 
finally their should be some servers set to certian countrys time frame because it stands at moment if in uk time zone you have to stay up till 6 in morning to get good players laterin day their are no good players and very few off them they should be spred out more evenly 

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