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Fire players from u20

by Sir Karthik (Rasipuram Rebels) 5 months ago
Hi Team,

Kindly provide us an option to fire immediately the u20 players after been kncoked out on last Tuesday.
Lets take example of my case now...i registered u20 this time with 11 between u bought feature of traits for less experienced players...
since i was registered just with 11 , i was unable to give traits to none of them..

then i was knocked out on this tuesday...i had 2-3 very gud 17 yr old trainess...i wanna sell them all n buy a bat for my league match tomoro ...but its been 48 hours now and im still unable to sell or fire any...
in worst case even if i wanna fire all dummies n do form refresh to get my top SI player to good form im unable...

so whats t point in holding them inspite of been knocked out of tourney...say me one advantage of not releasing fixtures of next round of u20 even after 48 hours and with less than 48 hours for next round...

so pls allow us to fire u20 players immediately after been kncoked out to have user friendly feel.


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