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need active member to join our strong alliance

by Sir Paul (Western Warriors 9920) 8 days ago
will be seeking a new member to join our alliance Western Champions. we are a active and helpful and strong alliance who finished in the top 32 in the recent alliance world cup. we have many benefits as we are a high levelled alliance so whoever joins us will get extra income and more weekly due to the rewards offered being in a alliance of our level. please ping me or post here if interested in joining. we only seek active members though who will participate and be as helpful as we will be for you too. thankyou and please if you fit these requirements then do post or ping quickly as this is a limited spot for the fortunate one who joins our great team

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Paul - can i join bro
6 days ago
Div VI
Hanit Piplani (Hanit XI) Los angeles # 2
Add me
5 days ago
Shivi Drew (Shivi Sliders 6907) Pathankot # 3
Paul - add me please i am active most of the time
5 days ago
Div VI
Mukesh rathod (Killer Lions) Ahmedabad # 4
add me
5 days ago
Div VI
Aavez Sayyad (CHAMPIONS AS) Maharashtra # 5
Abhiram Nambiar - Abhi we would have added u but ur batting so poor so sorry bro
5 days ago
We are still seeking a strong member to join our alliance so plz anyone interested still post here or ping me
19 hours ago
Div VI
Hanit Piplani (Hanit XI) Los angeles # 7
Sir Paul (Western Warriors 9920)  I would like to join. Red star spin bowling and batting.
16 hours ago
Sri_Ravi_Teja (T20 Team) Hyderabad # 8
Can I join you? I am buying young fast bowlers who will be developed soon
9 hours ago

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