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Hitwicket 2018 update notes!

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 20 days ago
You don't have to be an experienced manager to know that maintaining the fitness of your squad is crucial. Some of us are all too familiar with watching our best players heavily under perform in matches due to a reduced star rating thanks to low fitness. If not paid attention to, your squad could easily be crippled over time, recovery from which is rather costly. But, at present, so is maintaining fitness – it uses up an extremely valuable asset, training slots. 
 Managers can use the gym to boost their players' fitness and improve their match performance by giving regular gym sessions. However gym sessions are limited and recharge over time, so use them wisely.

Youth Scout changes
Scout player minimum age will not increase. Only the upper limit of age will increase on a daily basis. 

Elite Academy changes
EA experience restriction has been relaxed for elite academy traits. 
You can now send players to EA six times instead of five. 
Players can now be sent to EA regardless of their skill levels, given they are experienced enough. 

F5 M.E revamp 
F5 match engine has been revamped to be more dynamic and responsive. 
Super 6
 F5 matches will now have 6 players instead of 11, each player is now more vital than ever.

Note: Update to the latest Android/iOS app to experience the new dashboard/navigation and many new features.

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Div VI
Sir Debaxish (cliffhanger) Guwahati # 222
Neilhowlett - mate, I have not pointed top tier ...please read from where I have started ... however if you know what changes will be implemented in next season, you are the one who should be awarded as king of HW ;)...and many congratulations on reaching top tier as you do not need MRP points to ladder up the manager level .. next season will take another 40-50 days ...and I am saying current rather than next knows you or me might not playing next season together....
2 days ago
Debaxish -

All I am saying is that whatever tier you are on - you will likely reach the MRP limit first -- then at a later time you will reach the finance limit.  Simple as that.

I am assuming that your points will roll over - so once the caps are reset - you just keep going from there.

2 days ago
Div VI
Sir Debaxish (cliffhanger) Guwahati # 224
Neilhowlett - Nevermind..keep trying thru demoSp procedure with Connector/J by preparing callable statement using Connection.prepareCall()......but do check how many Stored procedure exists in HW team.
2 days ago
Debaxish - Did not understand a word of that!
2 days ago
Div VI
Sir Debaxish (cliffhanger) Guwahati # 226
Neilhowlett - hahahah...keep trying ...
2 days ago
2 days ago
I am not getting f5 rewards why?
1 days ago
can anyone help
1 days ago
Div VI
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 230
Tushar Tomar - If you go back and read any previous page of this forum you will find your answer!
1 days ago

I think maybe even 2 times every page!

1 days ago
Div II
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 232
Soulcollector - WC after alliance tournament , right
1 days ago
Mohtshim -

There may be a delay between - but not long.

24 hours ago
Mohtshim Neilhowlett - Do you mean announcement of wc will happen after the alliance tournament? I do not recall world cup schedule being announced.
5 hours ago
Drgoku -

I am saying that the announcement will be after AWC finishes, and it will be pretty quick I think. But there may be a delay of a few weeks getting things in order. There will be some changes compared to last year (there is always something new in WC) and the programming needs to be all checked off.

So - shortly after, it won't be long - but don't expect an announcement immediately.

4 hours ago
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