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Parekhtapan (Gujarat Devils XI) Bhavnagar # 393
Sathvik shetty - join our alliance bro
2 months ago

Youth Scout Revamp

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 3 months ago
Ever since the Youth Scout system has existed, it has been based completely on luck. This has led to certain people getting the better end of the deal while others wait days on end for that one decent scout they’re looking to sign. 

This update, we’ve decided to introduce a Daily Rewards System which is closely bound to the new Youth Scout system. Managers will receive a Power Up every day, from which they can receive a variety of rewards including Finance, Credits and the newest addition – Youth Scout Points.

 Every experienced manager wants a 17y 0d Scout, leading to high demand and inflation for these kind of players in the auction. These players end up getting sold for 30M+, with the TRC deducting most of the money. Even we don't want such a scenario. 

 In order to address this issue, the new scout system presents a choice – managers can still choose to scout as soon as a youth player is available to assure himself a very young scout, however the chances of receiving an amazing player this way are rather low. On the flip side, managers can use Youth Scout points to assure a player of at least a certain skill level, the more points used, the better the skills.

 The trade-off here is that for every day managers wait to sign the player, his age increases. The decision is thus yours to make – would you prefer a young scout or a skilled one? Find the balance you think is best. Over time we expect the availability of very young scouts to increase in the market, while 'gem' level players could still cost a fair amount. In the extreme scenario, if a user cannot log in at all during the week to collect the powerups, the odds of getting a good player would be similar to the old system. :)

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The whole purpose for many people is to make money for year just to buy gem players and build a beast team in the end. NOT GONNA HAPPEN because gem players are not there at all because of new scout system.
8 days ago
Forget everything, can the devs please explain why the scouts have suddenly become hard to sell. even those aged below 17 yrs 15 days  with 20k+ SI?

8 days ago
And thanks for the V-day gift devs :D 
8 days ago
Div V
Sir Juber Sheikh (power players) Los Vegas, Guanajuato, Mexico # 465
Reetam Mitra - do you really think? they are not gonna to give u any explanation or any response?
7 days ago
Div VI
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 466
I hope whoever came up with this idea has taken themselves to a quiet corner and had a word with themselves. I think maybe donating a percentage of their salary to charity would show some remorse.
7 days ago
Div II
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 467
Still scout quality is worse , preference is seamer and I am getting batsman
6 days ago
Mohtshim - Preference does not dictate if the player is a good bowler or a good batsman. That is dictated by the scout points. Your preferences say the type of bowling and L/R handed bat. If you look you will find the batsman is still a seamer - not a spinner in his bowling type.
6 days ago
Div II
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 469
Neilhowlett - Bro , preference worked very well in last scout system
6 days ago
Div VI
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 470
I don't think anyone is particularly happy with the current situation. I'm sure something is being done to correct it. How long we will have to wait? Who knows? We have shiny new UI coming so I'm not under the impression it's a huge priority. With the lack of announcements from the dev's, my 'impression' is the only thing I have to go on. At the moment I'm afraid to say that the game is farcical. I don't like to use that word but in only 7 months on here I've had to use it more than once :(
6 days ago

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