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CotU Unlimited - Tripura Players Camp

by Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) 12 months ago
Although marked as an Unofficial Tournament, this one is more like a Players Camp, where we will nurture each and every well-trained Tripura player for the present and the future. So, this is basically where your players will get trained, monitored, and also advised for quick and better improvement. The entire managerial camp of SD (me) will personally take care that we do not leave out any gem from our list.

[[[ Trivia:
CotU (Clash of the Underdogs) is my flagship tournament, which I started way back during October 2013. So far, we have had more than 16 seasons of CotU.]]]

The camp is so designed that each player will get individual attention from us regarding their Tripuri players.

Here is where we won't ask you to play any matches, neither will we ask you to be involved in bidding or any other kind of competition. The ONLY competition that we will see here is: HOW WELL YOU TRAIN YOUR PLAYERS.

Again, this is applicable ONLY to Tripuri players in your teams. We aren't bothered about other region's players. :P

We will monitor your player improvement with each training session, and will individually guide you to the next pop-up. You may or may not be very experienced in HitWicket, so we make sure that we treat all of you equally. As declared in the FB group, we will give out credit rewards to players for every pop-ups within a defined age. 
This is required so that we keep our Dream of building a MASSIVE Tripura attack for the future. 
Our age vs skill requirements are super-competitive, aimed to ensure that your players reach Titan level in the corresponding skills, before the age of 28. We have spent an immense amount of time and experience for developing such a target scenario, which will be tailor-made for each and every player in this competition, in a different way. 
After every pop-up, we will ping the managers individually and let them know the target age within which they have to achieve the next pop.

We are aiming at keeping this Camp alive for the next 1 year, at least, so as to give max attention to every player.

Phase 1 successfully completed on 28th June. 3 musketeer subscriptions and 653 credits distributed

Last, but not the least, PLEASE REMEMBER: This is NOT a bribe given to you for training Tripura players. HitWicket is already rewarding you for having state team players by waiving off their Salaries. We are just trying to make ourselves stronger, and making it possible for the state, often referred to as an Underdog region, become a Monster region; and that, my friends, is the Big Tripura Dream that we are all going to be a part of. Help us, support us, so that we can help and support you in return. 

MUSKY WINNERS LIST FOR 1st Phase of Tripura Players' Camp:

Senior Players:
Shishir Bhatia
Deependra Mishra

U20 Player:
Joeyross Chandler

MUSKY WINNERS LIST FOR 2nd Phase of Tripura Players' Camp:

Senior Players:
Fariz Alkasmi
Sayan Chakraborty
Thushan Senanayke

U20 Players:
Junior Ginn
Ruchit Tatkare

MUSKY WINNERS LIST FOR 3rd Phase of Tripura Players' Camp:

Senior Players:
Varun Nandode
Erik Jarvis

U20 Players:

Tripura Players Training & CotU Sponsorships Till Date

********* July 2013 to Oct 2016 **********
Sponsor - Credits - Musketeers
 Mihir (ex-AC) ------ 22 ------- 0 
 Sir Lt_Aldo_Raine -------- 0 ------- 2 
 Eemran (AC) ------- 24 --------- 1 
 Sudiip -------- 24 --------- 7 
 Sir Indian_Wenger (3-time AC) -------- 65 --------- 2 
 Sir Sandy (ex-HC) ---------- 146 --------- 
 SD (current and 2-time HC) ----------- 180 ----------- 26 

******* Nov 2016 to 3rd Mar 2018 ********
Sponsor - Credits - Musketeers
 Sir Sandy (ex-HC) ---------- 18 --------- 1 
 Eemran (AC) ------- 161 --------- 1 
 Sudiip -------- 100 --------- 0 
 Siladitya & Co. -------- 720 --------- 
 SD (current and 2-time HC) ----------- 3330 ----------- 7*
Bongo Sir -------- 0 --------- 6
Swaroop Sutar ---------- 8 ------------ 0

Note: 1 Credit = 100 Hitcoins

New Rules for Phase 4 Onward...

For Mainstream Players:
1> Every player will be given a target age (through HW Ping), within which he has to pop for a particular skill.
2> If the player achieves the target, the corresponding manager will receive a no. of credits equivalent to the P.F.P. (Price For Pop).
3> If the player does not achieve the target, the corresponding manager can request for a target change (This is now available only to select players).
4> Every player is eligible to receive a target change ONCE in every phase (This is now available only to select players).
5> If any player receives a target change, his PFP gets reduced to 50% for each target.
6> If the player achieves the changed target, he still remains a part of Mainstream Players List
7> Credit prizes (PFP) for mainstream players will increase with every level, starting from a basic level
8> Starting PFP is 1 credit, Ending PFP is variable.
9> Highest no. of credits for each skill is as follows: Fielding-> Magnificent (13), WK -> Legendary (25), Bat vs Seam -> Titan (19), Bat vs Spin -> Titan (30), Bowling Seam -> Titan (19), Bowling Spin -> Titan (20), BV Seam -> Prodigious (13), BV Spin -> fantastic (20).
10> If a player fails to achieve even the changed target, he will be moved to Flat Credits Offer (Only applicable to select players).
11> Every player in Phase 3 who are in Flat Credits or target changed, will start afresh in Phase 4 in Mainstream List based on current Age/Skill ratio. Some FCO and OTC-Mainstream players can be eliminated at the beginning of Phase 4 depending on the Age/Skill ratio.
12> All PFP will be counted as balance and will add up until the end of the month, and paid off at the beginning of the next month. However, if a player's balance is less than 10 credits, the same will be carried over to the next month.
13> During every weekend, the Mainstream and FCO List will be updated, and new targets will be given for each player.

For Flat Credits Offer (FCO) Players:
1> Every player will receive a flat 1 credit for every pop (Upto Brilliant), 2 credits/pop (Upto Supreme), 3 credits/pop (After Supreme), 1 credit/pop (Upto Remarkable BV), 3 credits/pop (After Remarkable BV).
2> These players will be very closely monitored, and targets will be manipulated and training advice provided from time to time to get them back to Mainstream List.
3> FCO players will be removed from time to time to ensure Player qualities remain at the overall Camp Standards.

Rules for Removal/ Release:
1> If a manager does not train his players properly, the player will be under the scanner for a certain amount of time.
2> After that, he will be in Warning Zone for 1 week.
3> Then, he will be in Danger Zone for 1 week.
4> If no training is observed even after 3 weeks, the player will be removed.
5> If a manager does not respond to organizers' HW pings till a certain time limit, he will be eligible to be removed.
6> If a player fails to achieve an FCO target, he will be automatically removed.
7> If a player attains the maximum permissible training age, he will be respectfully released from the Camp. This is not applicable to PLM and SLPs.

Phase 4 Start Date: 10th January, 2018
Phase 4 End Date: 28th March, 2018

Prize Structure for Phase 4 (Currently Running)

1> Top Senior Player will receive 3-Month Musky
2> 2nd Position (Senior) will receive 3-Month Musky at 50% Discount OR 1500 credits
3> 3rd Position (Senior) will receive 1000 credits
4> 4th Position will receive 500 credits
5> Top U20 player will receive 1300 credits
6> 2nd Position (U20) will receive 800 credits
7> 3rd Position (U20) will receive 500 credits

Various Tiers and Terms in the Camp

1> FCO - These are players on Flat Credits Offer. If a player misses a training, he will be eliminated from the Camp. This list will be increasingly minimized, and only a limited no. of players will be retained.
2> OTC - These are players which have received a One-Time-Change in the targets. Their PFPs lie between that of Mainstream and FCO. This list will slowly be minimized and finally removed, going forward.
3> Mainstream - These are the general players who get competitive targets, and receive high rewards per pop-up.
4> BLM - This is the Black-Listed Managers group. Managers in the Camp who are found to waste a talented Camp player, or sell off without intimating the Camp Organizers, fall into this category. Future players for these teams always remain FCO.
5> RLM - This is the Restricted List of Managers. Any Camp manager willing to buy a Tripura player from the auction, is listed in here. The organizers oversee the Auction Market and intimate the RLMs when preferred players arrive in auction.
6> RLP - This is the Restricted List of Players. Whenever an eligible player is found in the market, the organizers list  them down in this list, and assign interested RLMs  for bidding on those players. Any manager skipping this step are blacklisted too.
7> PLM - These are the Preferred Level Managers w.r.t players. These managers for the PLM players are given special perks and privileges inside the camp from time-to-time. They also receive more challenging and thus more rewarding targets.

New introduction:
SLP - This is the Special List of Players. These players have reached such level by being well-trained and managed by their managers.

SLPs are a tag higher than PLMs, and will be in for more rewards and lesser challenging targets than PLMs on a regular basis.

Special Note to non-serious trainers who join the Camp only to get credits: If you buy a Tripura player and sell him off after a few pops just to cash in on our Camp's set-up, please note that you will not be allowed in the Camp since the point we find this out about yourselves. We need serious trainers for our Camp. Thank you.

Last but not the least, we are all humans. Mistakes are bound to happen. If any of you feel any of the above decisions are not right, and need to be changed, please feel free to discuss with us on this forum itself. We always encourage a healthy discussion to boost the bench strength of Tripura. We thank you all for your continued patronage in fulfilling our Big Tripura Dream!

Signing Off-

Head Coach, Tripura Trebuchet
InterContinental Cup 2, World Cup 5

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Updated at: 07-03-2018

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congrats sd..well deserved win !
4 days ago
Thanks a lot for so much appreciation. It wouldn't​ have been possible without you guys. The credit goes to you all for making us win, to realize the truth rather than supporting​ blindly. Love you all. Keep supporting us in the future also. and, train hard your players. And, keep your bonus votes ready for the next year. Cheers ex-AC, Tripura Trebuchet.
4 days ago
Div V
C MOSES (ORANGE ARMY team) Telangana # 1667
SD - congrats bro
4 days ago
SD - Congrats Sir

4 days ago
SD - Congrats SD. Desrved win
4 days ago
SD - continue your good work
4 days ago
Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1671
Thanks everyone.

All SLP, PLM, and Mainstream players' managers - Keep track of your pings. We might ping you soon if your player is shortlisted in the Top 50.
4 days ago
SD - Match 1 on Saturday 24th March , Good luck
3 days ago
Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1673
Mohtshim - Where are the fixtures, groups?
3 days ago
Div IV
NA77 (Superb Attackers) Dubai # 1674
SD - First Player selected for Tripura is Ansaree Nadeem right ?
3 days ago
SD - First of all a big Congratulations to you SD... U guys have got a huge support, which i myself underestimated.. I thought this time SD will lose bcz of Chitti's support, his position and bcz of those people who has nothing to do with HW but they are here with their 10's or 100's of multies and they wanted to make chitti win bcz of their own personal benefits or groupism... That's y i was about to fire my tripura player...I always wanted that my player will play for tripura under SD's leadership, not under someone else's, especially those who never did anything for tripura.. So that's y i made my mind that i will fire my player if SD lose.. But hatsoff to u guys who tackled the situation very well by publicly posting every stats, every facts and answered every question including non-sensible questions from those people ... That's the only reason u guys have won with this huge margin... but I would say this is still one sided win, we are hoping something big from ur side and that would be ur final and ultimate win over those people... #Respect #MakeTripuraProud #MakeItMoreBigger #YouGotSupport #YouGotStrength #WeHaveBigHopes
3 days ago
Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1676
NA77 - Yes
3 days ago
Div IV
NA77 (Superb Attackers) Dubai # 1677
SD - Thanks Bro... And lets rock the world and amazed them.. together we can we will
3 days ago
Div IV
Sir SD (AMAR TRIPURA) Agartala # 1678
Hitwicket Savior - Thank you Brother. We will do all we can. And we will need full support from each and every single manager in this Camp.
3 days ago
3 days ago
Itna pyaar kaise karlete ho?
3 days ago
2 days ago

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